The EUC of Costa Esuri is governed by the following bodies:

The General Assembly, constituted by all the owners.

The Management Board, constituted by the following members:

  • President: D. Jose Luis Redondo Luna
  • Vice President: D. Jose Luis Sanchez Saez
  • Secretary: D. Juan Carlos Ojalvo Fernandez-Puebla
  • Treasurer: D. Olaf Gaertner
  • Members: D. Juan Carlos Martin Santos
    D. Jose Maria Mayo Luis

The Management Board is responsible for running, governing and administering the EUC. It is composed of six members, one of which has to be a representative of the Town Hall. Four of its members have to own properties in Costa Esuri.
The Board is elected by the General Assembly, with the vote of all the atendants entitled to vote, that is, those who are current with their EUC’s fees. And in consideration to the property coeficient of each voter.


Playa Managering
Av Alcalde Narciso Martín Navarro bajo 79
Ayamonte (HUELVA)
(+34) 959 321 503


Avda. Juan Pablo II, Bloque 8, Portal 3, Bajo C, Costa Esuri
Ayamonte (HUELVA)
959 328 213 / 959 328 205