The next AGM of the EUC will take place on
March 29th 2.019


Accounts 2018 and budget 2019 in


Delegation and responsible declaration


The neighbors are informed that for any clarification of any point of the agenda, the administration at their offices is at their disposal.

EUC Costa Esuri

Entidad Urbanística de Conservación de Costa Esuri (EUC)

The EUC of Costa Esuri is composed by all the holders of some property on Costa Esuri, with obligatory character. In this web page the owners will be able to be up to date of the calendar of meetings, agreements and activities, and will have the possibility of contacting the EUC Board or the EUC Administrator, for information or suggestions, and take part, as members of the EUC, in an effective and transparent management.



Last March 31, the General Ordinary Assembly of te EUC of Costa Esuri elected a new Management Board formed by five resident owners on Costa Esuri:
President: D. José Luís Redondo
Secretary: D. J. Carlos Ojalvo Fernandez-Puebla
Treasurer: D. David Abbott
We give our thanks to all who have voted for us and for your trust.
Mr. Jose Manuel Correa is also a member of this Management Board, as representative of the Town hall of Ayamonte.
A new stage is opened. We must confront a transparent and effective management of the EUC. With the necessary collaboration with the Town hall of Ayamonte, and also with the necessary firmness in claiming solutions to the numerous lacks that the neighbors of Costa Esuri suffer.
We want that all the neighbors and owners share the same aim, and we count on you for support and cooperation.


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